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一 门诊接待 问候语

(一). 护士与患者初次见面语

1) what is the matter, sir/ madern..先生/女士,你怎么啦?

2) I feel really terrible.我感觉很难受.

3) Right .Now you just go and sit down here.马上坐下.

4) I'll make an appointment for you. Just 5 minutes.我通知医生,就是5分钟.

5) Are you sure? 真的吗?

6) Yes ,of cause .当然啦.

7) You are so kind ,thanks .你太好啦.!

8) Well. have you got the medical record 你带病历了吗?

9) Yes, I have,带啦.

10) Thank you.谢谢.

(二) 再次见面

1) Good morning. M r Wang, are you feeling all right? 早晨好,王先生,现在好点吗?.

2) Good morning. doctor Wang I'm all right now. Thanks for your help 早晨好.生.我的感觉很好.谢谢你帮助.

3) You are welcome. 不客气


二 急诊科用语

1) Hello. What brought you to the emergency room?看什么急怔?

2) I feel vomit. It is awful.我想吐.好难受。

3) I have got severe pains in my belly我的肚子已经疼了几次了.

4) Went did it start?什么时候开始

5) Last night.昨天晚上.

6) Has the pain moved? 有疼痛转移吗?

7) No, it is not.没有.

8) Please, Lie down.请躺下.

9) Show me where it hurts most right now?我看一下那里疼?

10) Just here.就是这里.

11) Is it serious?严重吗?

12) Don't worry. Let's ask the doctor for his advice 别担心,我让医生来看你.

三 电话用语


1) Good morning. is that nursing department? 早晨好.是护理部吗?

2) Yes, can I help you? 是的,我能帮助你吗?

3) Well , I'd like to speak to head nurse Huang.是的,我想找黄护士长

4) Hold the line, please.请等一下。

5) Sorry, keep you waiting .she is not here. May I take you message? 对不起,给你久了。

6) Thanks.谢谢

I'll call back later. Bye.我回头再打给她.


1) Hello. This is the surgery department 喂,这是外科

2) This is Mary speaking. Can I talk to doctor Wang?我是马丽,我能找一下王医生吗?

3) He has an operation this morning. Do you have anything urgent?他有一个手术今天上午.你有急事吗?

4) Yes, I think so.是的.

5) Well I'll tell him as soon as he comes back. May I take your telephone number?等他回来后我马上告诉他.你能不能留下你的电话号码?

6) It is 95678312行, 号码是95678312

7) All right. 9568312. I got it. Bye. 9568312 我记下了.再见.


1) . I think I'd better let you go. I'll talk to you later.我想我应该让你去忙了,我晚点再打给你。

2) I have to get back to work. I'll call you later tonight. 我要回去工作了。我今晚再打给你。

3) It's kind of late. Why don't we talk about it tomorrow?有点晚了。我们何不明天再谈呢?

4) I won't keep you any longer.我不耽误你时间了。

5) I've really got to go, I'll get back to you when I get the office. 我真的得走了,我进办公室再打给你。

四 住院常用语


1) How do you do? / Good morning! 你好!

2) What can I do for you?/Can I help you?我能给你帮助吗?

3) I'll bring you to your bedside, please follow me. This is your bed..我要领您到床边去.请跟我来.这是您的床位.

4) The toilet is over there. 厕所在那边。

5) We supply hot water. 我们供应热水

6) Please wait a moment. I'll let your doctor know. /I'll inform your doctor.请等一会儿,我去通知医生.

7) Mary is the nurse /doctor in charge of you.玛丽是您的负责护士/医生

8) Please let us know if you need any help. 您需要帮助时,请告诉我们.

9) Smoking is not allowed here.病房内不准吸烟。

10) Do you mind if I ask you a few questions? 您介意我问您几个问题吗?

11) We need some information from you. 我们需要从您这儿收集一些信息.

12) Is your tummy still sore? 您的肚子还疼吗?

13) I am going to take your temperature./Please put the thermometer under your armp我要测一下您的体温/请把体温计放在您的腋下.

14) Let me feel your pulse.让我测一下您的脉搏.

15) I'll test/take your blood pressure. 我要测量您的血压.

16) I’m afraid I have to prick your finger and take a drop of blood for blood sugar lev我要 取一滴指血做血糖测定, 需要刺一下手指.

17) I'll take some blood from your arm now. 现在我要从您的胳膊抽血.

18) Don't take any thing by mouth after midnight until the blood is drawn tomorrow morning .半夜之后不要吃喝任何东西,明天早上抽血.

(二) 安慰语

1 .Never mind/It doesn’t matter没关系

2 .Don’t worry不要担心

3. Don’t be nervous. You are in good hands. 不要紧张, 操作者是高手

4. You will recover soon.您很快就会康复的

5. Please come back to see the doctor for check-up in two weeks.请两周后来看医生复查



1.Take a seat, please. 请坐

2.Would you like a cup of water? 你喝水吗?

3.Yes, please.好的.

4.Would you please show me your hospitalization certificate?你的住院证明呢?

5.Here you are.在这里

6. Thanks.谢谢!

7. Please wait a minute. I'll prepare something for you.

8. O.K. everything's down. 给你准备好.

9. Sorry keep you waiting给你久等了.

10.This way please. 请这边走.


1 let me have a look how is your leg doing today.我看看你的腿今天怎么样了?

2 It is very painful.疼的要命.

3 Now the anaesthesia has worn off.麻醉已过了.

4 How long will this pain last?要疼多久啊?

5 I m afraid it will last about two weeks.估计要两周吧.

6 Make the most of your time in bed ,you don't have to work.绝大多数的时间在床上,不要做什么事情.

7 Thank you , doctor.谢谢你, 医生.


1. what kind of surgery has he had?他做什么手术?

2. A chest operation.胸部手术.

3. Is he allergic to meperidine? 他对麻醉药过敏吗?

4. Did he lose much blood and duing the surgery?手术期间流血多吗?

5. He losd a bit of blood一点点.

6. How about his urine output?. 小便呢?

7. About 500ml .500㏄左右

六 出院用语

1. You're going to be discharged tomorrow.你明天可以出院了.

2. Is that so? I 'm so happy to tear that真的吗?我太高兴了.

3. Congratulations, You've recovered!你康复了,祝贺你!

4. Any questions tell me, please. I can do best for you.有什么问题请告诉我,我会尽力帮助你的.

5. I will do. You are so kind to me. Thank you very much.我会的.你对我太好了.非常感谢.

6. You are welcome .I hope you feel better soon .不客气,我希望你尽快的康复.

七 健康教育

1. May I give you some suggestions.?我能给你一些建议吗?

2. OK行.

3. First, have a good rest. Secondly, give up smoking and drinking. Have more nutritious food.首先要休息好.然后戒烟,戒酒.最后食物要有营养.

4. Well, don't stimulate the incision when you have a bath 对了,当你洗澡时不要刺激伤口.

八 同事 朋友用语

1. Morning/Good morning! 早晨好!or Good morning every body 大家早晨好!

2. How are you? 你好吗?

3. I am fine. Thanks! How about you? 我很好,谢谢。你呢?

4. I am fine too. 我也一样。

5. How is your family?你家里好吗?

6. We are all fine. Thanks 很好,谢谢。

7. How are you doing?你好吗?

8. Good /Great.好!

9. How is your work?最近工作怎么样?

10. OK./Fine./Not bad.不算太坏。

11. I must be going.我不得不走了。

12. See you soon/See you later.再见  !

13. Keep in touch, Please。保持联系